Ever since Instagram launched Reels to compete with it’s snappy competitor TikTok, more and more improvements have been made to the feature. Did you know you can make ads for your business in Reels forms?

Reels are a great way to reach an audience that prefers video to still images and when you share an ad in a Reel your business will be seen by people who don’t follow you! The algorithm for Reels is different from your in-feed social media posting, so you may notice a wider reach. Reels can be watched from the explore page and the home page. With a Reels ad you can specify the audience you want to reach and you can also add clickable calls-to-action.

Quick Tips for your Reels

Timing. Your Reel can be as long as 60 seconds now! Make sure you have a script or an outline of what you want covered in your video. This will make those 60 seconds count and keep you from rambling.

Add audio AND text. Unlike Stories, people do leave the audio on for Reels. But that doesn’t mean you should only rely on audio and skip adding text. Use text to enhance and emphasize the topics covered in your Reel.

Get your dimensions right. The worst way to implement a new ad is to upload it in a format that makes it blurry or weird to watch. Landscape videos also don’t do very well in a Reel. Make sure to record your video in portrait view and keep the aspect ratio at 9:16 or 1080X1920 pixels. An easy way to avoid a blurry video is to edit using Instagram’s tools built directly in the app.

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