So you heard about how great of an opportunity Pinterest can be and you’ve decided you want to start marketing your business that platform? Amazing! Getting started on any new app or social media website can be intimidating but once you get used to the process and algorithm it becomes a piece of cake. Here are some tips for incorporating Pinterest into your social media posting.

Make a Pinterest For Business account. Just like most platforms, the business account provides you with important analytics to see if your strategies are working! With a personal account you can still save pins and link to your business, but you wont have access to those handy tools.

Keep keywords in mind. Pinterest is a search engine and Board names, Pin titles, and Pin descriptions are all searchable. Take the time to think about what your ideal audience is searching.

Use vertical images. You can post images of any size or orientation, but the ideal sizing for Pinterest is always vertical. Landscape images look very small in feed so longer photos and graphics take up more of the user’s screen. They are more likely to notice your Pin and click it if it is properly sized!

Have the links direct people to your website. Pins are clickable! While Pinterest is now incorporating some in-platform shopping, they have made it super simple to direct people off the platform. Direct users to your website or any freebies you have created with a call-to-action on your graphic and in your description.

Use “pinnable” images on your blog posts. If you have a blog on your website, that is amazing content to source from for your Pinterest page. Creating pinnable images for your blog makes it easy for your readers who are Pinterest users to create their own pins from your website. Pinterest’s whole strategy is for users to save items they want to refer back to for inspiration and many people love this aspect of the platform.

Make seasonal designs for your evergreen content. While evergreen content is the holy grail for your blog, seasonal content reigns supreme on Pinterest. Wherever possible adapt your Pinterest graphics, titles, and descriptions to the current seasons and holidays. If you are a travel company shift titles to include keywords like “spring break” or “summer break” when that time of year rolls around. This may seem like a lot of work but you are able to take just one piece of content on your website and reuse it on Pinterest, which is incredible!

Maintain your branding on your pins. There are over 200 billion pins on Pinterest so you must individulize your pins while keeping them eye-catching. When someone clicks to your Board and sees all of your pins look different, it may look like you aren’t an authority on the subject and instead are only pinning other creator’s work.