It’s easy to forget to post on your social media accounts when you have every other aspect of your business to worry about. Thanks to scheduling platforms and social media agencies, you won’t miss a day again!

Opportunity to create a more well-rounded strategy.

By batch creating your posts you are able to see what types of content you are writing and planning to share. You won’t accidentally post two promotional style posts and push away your audience. Your posts become more varied and interesting to your followers. This is also a great way to mix in carousel and video posts so you aren’t only posting single image or text posts because that is all you have time for in the moment.

More time to interact with followers.

Once your posts are done and scheduled for the week, you have more time to reply to comments and messages. This is a vital aspect of social media posting that shouldn’t be ignored but is often left to the wayside due to lack of time. If you let 98 Buck Social handle your cheap social media plan, you will have more time to cultivate a community and let your followers know you are listening to them.

Higher quality posts.

By focusing on creating content for the week, you avoid distractions and stress. This method of time management gives you the opportunity to really think about what to share with your audience. You won’t forget to tag other accounts or run out of time to dive deeper into a thought for a specific post.

Chance to brainstorm.

By scheduling ahead of time instead of posting directly, there is more time to brainstorm and adjust the plan. Copy can be changed, images re-arranged, and hashtags exchanged. 98 Buck Social has plans where you can approve or request edits on your content, contact us if you would like to upgrade your affordable social media plan.