If you aren’t tracking your Facebook marketing, you won’t be able to know if you are reaching your goals. Utilizing organic Facebook marketing is much harder than paid advertisements but it is easier when you know what performs the best! Unfortunately Facebook is discontinuing their analytics, but there are still some useful tools you can use to monitor your social media posting.

Reach. Your reach will help you discover how many people saw your content, hid it, and reported it as spam. If your post performed well and made it onto a lot of people’s feeds, you can replicate that type of post.

Post types. This tool helps you figure out what post is performing the best! Compare your reach and engagement to determine what your audience wants to see!

Page views. Page views allows you to see how many people are viewing your page and who! You can use this to get an idea about your audience and what kind of content is resonating with them.

Video View Duration. Video content performs well but how do you know exactly how well it was received by your audience? You can track how long a video was watched, or if they clicked away.

Live Video retention. Going Live on Facebook is an excellent way to directly connect to your audience. You can see how long your followers stuck around in a live stream! If you have taken notes or saved the video you will know at what point your viewers lost interest and change your messaging.

Audience location. Understanding your audience is invaluable. On Facebook you can learn details about your audience to see who is liking and commenting on your posts.

Even though some of Facebook’s analytics is leaving, the Facebook Ads Manager still has key information you can use with our cheap Facebook Ads. Contact 98 Buck Social if you want to incorporate ads into your plan!